Casita Mods

I wanted to record all the modifications and useful items have gone into making our Casita so enjoyable, practical, and safe.

The Zarcor vertical shades. This mod enables us to see who is outside, and provides privacy when closed.
A plexiglass cover over the screen to keep the Two Terriers from tearing up the screen door.
Keyless latches for outside compartment doors.
A holder for the 7-pin connector, to keep it clean and dry when not in use.
One of the first things I did was to purchase a new home for the new Casita. Just a couple of weeks after we put up this carport, we had several tornados in our area. I lost 12 big trees on my property, uprooted by the high winds. But the Casita and carport were unfazed, safe and sound!
Ceramic window tinting from All Pro Tinting, Decatur, Texas.
Front scissor jacks installed by Little Home on the Road, Haslet, Texas.
Guttering above all the windows and door.
Our Two Terrier Travelers logo on the spare tire cover.
The pull-out battery compartment.
Another view, with battery slide fully extended.
The gray water tank vent mod makes draining the gray water tank considerably faster.
A shut-off valve behind the toilet.
Not a mod, but useful information: The color-matched gray paint from Home Depot.
I broke my hitch lock with a simple hammer and crowbar, then replaced it with this unbreakable Proven Lock.
A 5″ vinyl fence post with end caps bolted to the bumper for storage of a longer sewer hose.
A 4 1/2″ vinyl gutter with internal end caps to slide out the hose.
A full width shower curtain held up with command hooks to keep the toilet area dry.
A bungee cord keeps the shower curtain from sucking into the shower when the vent fan is blowing. The curtain will pull all the way across the door opening.
Deb made a curtain for the bathroom window held in place by a stick-on paper towel holder.
Two PVC towel rods clamped to the vent pipe.
Vinyl decorations, non-adhesive.
Nice hooks that fold away when not in use at the top of the closet door. (Thanks to Louis and Katy Fernandez for the idea!)
A very nice pull handle for the pantry from Louis and Katy Fernandez of Rosebud’s Travels.
A tire monitoring system. The monitor is mounted in the tow vehicle to keep an eye on tire pressure while driving.
I hate those long safety cables that want to drag the ground but you’re afraid to wrap around something. This coiled safety cable is the perfect solution! (shown here in the storage position)
A nice weatherproof cover to keep the electric jack functioning for a long time!
Not a mod, but a very useful addition – each leg is adjustable for keeping the platform level on uneven ground.
The original faucet was defective and extremely hard to switch from faucet to shower. It broke completely on a trip to Kansas City. I replaced it with this faucet, not a color match, but at least it is fully functional.
A lot of folks have discovered this shower head. We kept the original holder, and just replaced shower head. It is the Oxygenics kit from Walmart. It really does save water. The buttons by the handle are an easy on/off cutoff, and the dial controls the volume of water.
Every Casita owner with an outdoor shower unit has been frustrated trying to push the hose and shower head back in the space to close the door for travel. That problem is solved with this mod. It features a quick disconnect and a garden style faucet with multiple spray options, and a 15′ coiled hose. I keep it up in a convenient place with a suction cup hook. (Casita finally provides this as the standard outdoor shower now!)
Another non-mod addition is the Progressive Industries Electronic Management System (EMS). It has two unique features that I really like: First, if the power is not 120v (give or take a few volts), it will cut off power to the RV, so it is impossible to ruin your electrical system by accidentally plugging into 240v. This unit also protects against LOW voltage – which is a killer of compressors (found in the air conditioner and refrigerator).