Matagorda Madness

Oops! It has been awhile since I updated our blog. Life happens fast around here. I’m only 6 months late in posting this, but I’ll get caught up over the next week or so.

We attended our first Matagorda Madness rally from 4 to 8 December, 2019 at the Matagorda Nature Center, a park run by the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA). We had a wonderful time, meeting and making new friends, and spending time at the nearby beach.

A great gathering of Casitas under a perfectly blue sky!

The walk out to the beach was a nice hike with a long elevated walkway. The Two Terriers (Mikey and Toby) were very excited to smell the beach smells and play in the water.

Mikey and Toby’s first time in the Gulf of Mexico!

They were just plain worn out from all the fun!

Being that it was December, we decided to get in the Christmas Mood with a little decorations on our Casita!

We had such a great time there, we made reservations for 2020 before we left! See y’all in December (2-6 2020)!